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Regional Weather Data

This is going to take a while to sort out the good from the bad.

Weather data is obtained from several sources. The primary source is Garrett Airport. Their gages are checked and calibrated quarterly by NOAA, and are therefore very reliable. The only important piece of information missing is precipitation!

  1. Ambient Temperature, ℉ - Garrett County Airport
  2. Wind Speed, mph - Garrett County Airport
  3. Relative Humidity, % - Garrett County Airport
  4. Dew Point Temperature, ℉ - Garrett County Airport
  5. Barometric Pressure, mmHg - Garrett County Airport

Garrett College also has a weather station that provides reasonable data. Prior to August of 2012 the precipitation data is somewhat suspect because of the intermittent operation of the gage and its shielded location. This has been rectified and the station should provide reasonable data. A concern with the data is the location of the weather station. See the photograph.


  1. Most of the reports can be found on the document archives of the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan work.