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Links to Deep Creek Lake Stake Holder Organizations

Government Organizations

  1. Garrett College
  2. Garrett County - Commissioners
  3. Garrett County - Department of Planning and Land Management
  4. Garrett County - Health Department
  5. Garrett County - Department of Economic Development
  6. MD Dept. of the Environment - Departmental
  7. MD Dept. of the Environment - Storm Water Management
  8. MD Dept. of the Environment - Water Quality
  9. MD Dept. Natural Resources - Departmental
  10. MD Dept. Natural Resources - Deep Creek Lake Management
  11. MD Dept. Natural Resources - Recreational Boating
  12. MD Dept. Natural Resources - Fisheries
  13. UMD Appalachian Laboratory
  14. MD State Senator
  15. MD State Delegate

Private Organizations

  1. Deep Creek Times
  2. The Republican Newspaper
  3. Property Owners Association of Deep Creek Lake
  4. Garrett County Chamber of Commerce
  5. Friends of Deep Creek Lake (FODCL)
  6. High Mountain Sports
  7. DC Development, Inc.
  8. Ridgeview Valley, LLC
  9. Garrett County Board of REALTORS
  10. State Farm Insurance
  11. Railey Mtn. Lake Vacations
  12. Mountain Watershed Association
  13. Adventure Sport Center International, Inc.
  14. The Garrett County Arts Council
  15. Waterline Flowcast


  1. Association of Watershed and Storm Water Professionals
  2. The Groundwater Foundation is a nonprofit organization that educates people and inspires action to ensure sustainable, clean groundwater for future generations.
  3. The North America Lake Management Society (NALMS) whose purpose is to is to forge partnerships among citizens, scientists, and professionals to "foster the management and protection of lakes and reservoirs for today and tomorrow."
  4. The New York State Federation of Lake Associations (NYSFOLA) founded in 1983 by a small consortium of New York lake associations concerned about a variety of problems facing their lakes. Water quality was of concern to nearly all of the lake associations, and little information was available on methods to combat the increasing threat of aquatic invasive species.
  5. The Hudson River-Black River Regulating District is a New York State public benefit corporation that protects public health and safety by regulating the flow of waters in two great neighboring watersheds in the Adirondack Region: the Upper Hudson River and the Black River.