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From a watershed management perspective it's important to understand the history of the County, because we must be sensitive to the preservation of past monuments and landscape features. Furthermore, I find it fascinating to understand how things evolved over time.

The history is presented in three parts:

  1. What happened in the area before the County was formed.
  2. How the formation of the County came about.
  3. What is the County now? (pretty much what's on this website)


Much of the material above has been taken from two reports:A management plan that was developed when the State purchased Deep Creek Lake from Penelec. and the most recent effort towards a new management plan.

The following references are important materials describing the history of Garrett County

  1. Garrett County Historical Society Museums
  2. Garrett County and The Underground Railroad
  3. Garrett County Maryland County Information - History from 1908.
  4. Garrett County, Maryland: History
  5. The Kendall Lumber Co. of Garrett County, Md
  6. National Register of Historic Places
  7. Allegany and Garrett County Families
  8. The Historical Marker Database
  9. National Register of Historic Places listings in Garrett County, Maryland
  10. History/Genealogy at the Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County
  11. Photographs of the original Glendale Bridge
  12. Documentation of the construction of the original Glendale bridge
  13. Captions to the photographs of the original Glendale bridge

The "Peter Johnston and Associates, Inc." do not appear the have an Internet presence anymore. They were the contractor who put together the most recent Garrett County heritage Management Plan. Heritage related reports appear in the list below:

  1. Garrett County Heritage Plan, 2003
  2. Garrett County, Maryland, Heritage Area Management Plan, June 2011
  3. Garrett County Heritage Plan, Appendix M, 2011
  4. Table Land Trails - A Quarterly Magazine devoted to the History, Folk-lore and Cultural Interests of the Tr-State Area.
  5. User Home Pages: The James Friend Family Home Page - The James Friend Family Home Page