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Deep Creek Lake Bathymetric Data

In the spring of 2012, over an 8 day period, Richard Orrt of DNR conducted a bathymetric survey of Deep Creek Lake. This resulted in over 600,000 data point sets of latitude, longitude and depth. A more detailed description and results for many coves and the lake are given on the website. Below are 7 files of processed data with depth at many latitude/longitude positions. Click on the links to download them. The following is an image of the first few records of one of these files:

DCL Bathymetry
Recently (July 2017) an AutoCad file (.dwg format) was obtained that was originally part of the State's lake buy-down description and which contains the contour line of 2462 ft ASL. The points defining the 2462 contour line were extracted and are given here as a text file of data points describing Eastings and Northings.

A sample of the data is shown in the figure below.

DCL 2462 Contour

The following pdf file compares the 2462 line with the lake outline version (original source uncertain) that the County provided for the bathymetric work documented on the website. The 2462 line is in red. On close examination one may observe that the 2462 contour contains the County contour labeled as "Debbie's Contour."


  1. Most of the reports can be found on the document archives of the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan work.